On the surface, it’s cooking. Chopping, mixing, preparing incredible dishes in a state-of-the-art kitchen with all the goodies and gadgets. But with our Chefs leading the way, you’ll leave with more than a new way to sauté. Our culinary team invites you to become a part of the story – gathering guests around for an interactive and entertaining experience where good food is the centerpiece but people are the common thread.

You’ll laugh, let your guard down, dare to try things you never have before and discover a balance you never knew existed. Cuisine paired with the connection of people – friends or family you share this class with – create a moment where you are suddenly exploring life in a new way. You’ll come curious and leave full, in many delicious ways.

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Chef Peter Russo

Executive Chef / 700 Kitchen Cooking School

“Bringing my culture and background to the kitchen means we get to share so much more than a great meal, we share stories that last long after my guests depart.”

Inspired by his Italian roots and passion for culinary arts, Chef Peter Russo brings a relentless passion into the kitchen at 700 Kitchen Cooking School. He truly loves his craft and our guests feel it in every class. Along with his European background, Russo brings prestigious experience. He earned his degree from the New York French Culinary Institute, now known as The International Culinary Center. After gaining exposure in the Tri-State area, Russo relocated to Washington D.C. where he served as executive sous chef at TenPenh. Seven years later, Russo was appointed sous chef at the Italian fare restaurant, Lias Restaurant in Chevy Chase, MD. During his time with Lias Restaurant, Russo became executive chef at the second restaurant location, leading the development and implementation of seasonal and daily special menu items in addition to teaching cooking classes to the local community. Most recently Russo worked as executive chef at Chef Geoff Tysons in Tysons Corner, VA. Teaching in the Kessler environment has brought out his more artistic side. Cook with him and you’ll create dishes that are as beautiful as they are delicious.